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AWFUL MODS: Unbelievable


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SUBMITTER’S COMMENTS: So the only night I went to the local Pick Up Stix and saw this CHILD. This boy was standing at the register talking to the person behind the counter when I walked in. This boy is between 12-14 years old. 15 tops. He has one half sleeve and…

Do you actually know this kid and how old he is or are you just making snap judgments about a random person you saw so you can feel better about yourself?

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    I think they wanted to submit something to Awful Mods soooooo badly that when they saw this person they didn’t really...
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    not to insult your intelligence or anything, but thats a lesbian, not a young boy.
  3. godheadharley reblogged this from awfulmodifications and added:
    Wow, holy shit Awful Mods, they don’t even look that young. At all. He’s much more likely to be thin and short. His...
  4. rocky-ruin said: You have no clue if the person here is in fact as young as you assume them to be. Maybe he looks young, maybe it’s a she or maybe they’re trans. You can’t assume based on looks.
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    What the hell? Submitter has no way of knowing how old this dude is. This pisses me off so badly. I’m an adult, but I...
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    I look 15 but I’m 21 and heavily tattooed. If someone started snapping photos of me in a public place without my...
  7. fckperfection said: You were basically judging his tattoos based off of how old you THINK he may be this is a stranger, you don’t know where his work was done whether it be in a shop or in a scratchers basement. For all you know he was of legal age.
  8. indecisiveramblings said: I think he looks old enough tbh…
  9. kirry-yognaught said: 1 - it’s highly inappropriate to put pictures on the internet without them knowing. 2 - Did you ask the boy how old he was, before you started your rant, because I know a chick who looks like 15, but is actually 25. 3 - Get off your high horse.
  10. mortumvulgarem said: You do realize that some people are natural short/ just look really young. My moms 36 year old boyfriend looks like he’s about 23. I think this post is ridiculous
  11. thegirlbehindthecurtains said: Not cool to take pictures of someone without their consent. I’m 24 and look about 15-16, I have people staring at me and my tattoos all the time probably thinking how shitty my parents are and whatever else. Don’t make assumptions based on looks.
  12. fullretard666 said: those tattoos look fine to me. This is stupid unless the submitter can prove the guy is under 16 or 18 or whenever the legal age is wherever this is. He looks like he could be 18 to me…
  13. nazgul-9 reblogged this from awfulmodifications and added:
    I find it very rude you took pictures of a guy you dont even knkw and put it on this blog. One, you don’t know his age,...
  14. fyeah-caramel said: That’s just sad :(
  15. ellarcy reblogged this from awfulmodifications and added:
    Do you actually know this kid and how old he is or are you just making snap judgments about a random person you saw so...
  16. a-real-mother-goose said: I’m sorry idk if it’s just me but taking pictures of someone you don’t know without their knowledge and then posting them on awful mods seems a bit wrong to me, I understand the Facebook posts and what not because they’re pretty much put on display.
  17. paper-paraphernalia said: i’d give him 17, maybe 18. and from what i can see, the tattoos dont look horrible…
  18. translucentjellyfish said: Bit stupid, we have no idea how old he is, you can’t judge that just by looking at him & the only issue seems to be that he MIGHT be too young… wtf.
  19. seamothergutterdust said: this person doesn’t look like a “child” to me. how can you tell their age from just looking at them? i reckon it’s unfair to judge like this.
  20. cemeterycunt said: Uhmm.. You dont know him or his age . He’s probably just short , && baby faced .
  21. nyxx13 said: Are you sure he didn’t just look young? Some people really just look very young for their age.
  22. rararabbit reblogged this from awfulmodifications and added:
    Ahaha holy fuck.
  23. wrathofhomestuck said: they kind of look bad but he could be older. people tell me all the time I look 12 and my best friend is twenty but still gets mistaken for being young |:
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