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That moment when you can hear your ear lobe ripping when pushing your gauge further in. D:

It actually made my ears hurt reading this. IF IT HURTS, STOP! THAT’S YOUR BODY SAYING NO! Believe it or not, it’s totally painless if you stretch properly. 

I’m still in awe of the fact that it is not supposed to hurt in any way. Every single person I have ever known ever (my age and lower; mostly lower) has screamed while sticking random household items in their ears.

That’s because sticking random objects into your earholes is not how you’re supposed to stretch your ears! How do people with the entire internet at their disposal still do things the way kids in my day did, when more kids didn’t have the internet than those who did and BMEzine was pretty much unheard of. You don’t have to go into this shit blind anymore. You’re performing a modification on your body, wouldn’t you at least do a google search or some shit?

When I started stretching my ears, I only knew two other people who had theirs stretched as well, so of course I followed all their mistakes because there was really no other information. You kids today don’t have that handicap, yet so many of you actually INSIST on remaining ignorant and making the same mistakes that we made, even when we try to tell you to how to avoid them.

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