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*:・゚✧ Pixxel Dust’s Etsy store is officially up and running! ✧・゚・:*

We just have some fluffies, hooded tops, and custom orders for tops and glittery faerie wings to start with, but more will be added often!

If you have any custom requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I love having new projects to work on! :3

*:・゚✧ Shop page is here

*:・゚✧ Personal cosplay page is here

OMIGOSH I finally got my shop page up and running!

Please check it out and reblog or follow my shop page if you like what you see! I’m dedicating my full time to sewing in the hopes that I can pay my bills and make it my ‘real job’, since I love doing it more than anything else (except hooping, hehe) so any support and signal boosting would be greatly appreciated! I know it’s a very niche market right now, but I’m open to branching out into other ideas!

Haaa aaaah i have made exactly zero dollars this month because I guess everyone who wanted stuff from me doesn’t have the money so all the money I thought I would have for rent doesn’t actually exist.

at least with the etsy store i know for sure i’ll have the money when people order something. it’s just gonna take way longer than the time i have to get rent money together for that to pick up :c

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